Seven Steps of Creativity

Arrangör Eva Sanner
Tid 2022-04-25 17:0020:00
Participation Workshop
500 kr

How can we let the creative flow change our lives? What do we need to allow ourselves to create the way we want? 

Eva Sanner is an experienced Psychosynthesis therapist and trainer, and an author of several books, one about creativity. She leads this online live workshop about the seven steps of the creative process, how you can use your will to silence your inner critic and let yourself happen and how to explore other more useful subpersonalities in your life to create more flow. 
Creativity is life, it is close to sexuality and it is a way of making life meaningful. Life itself is the ultimate creative work of art. To follow one's own creativity is to be fully yourself and in the moment. 

When you sign up for the course, you get an email shortly before with a zoom link for participation.