Policy for personal data handling

May 2018

The data belongs to the organiser and is stored by Simple Signup AB on behalf of the organiser. Data is stored with consent as legal ground. The organiser has agreed to only use the data for activities associated with the event you make a booking to. Simple Signup takes no responsibility for how the organiser handles data.


Simple Singup uses email and eventually phone number in order to complete your booking. In that process data can be shared with third parties (for example to send confirmations via email and SMS or to facilitate payments if your booking is paid, or to store information about if and when you agreed to cookies). Data is stored within EU/EES. Data may be handled outside of EU/EES if there is legal ground in EUs data protection regulation, for example EUs standard contractual clauses.


You have the right to know which data that is stored about you and change or delete data. For questions regarding your data contact the organiser via the contact details you find on the receipt for your booking. If you have complaints about how the organiser or Simple Signup handles your personal data you may contact the Swedish authority Datainspektionen.