When purchasing a booking on one of the websites provided by Simple Signup AB (“Simple Signup”), you accept the following “Terms and Conditions for purchase”: Simple Signup only provides the technical solution for bookings, and money collection, for events. By booking a ticket or registering for an event via Simple Signup, a sales contract is created solely between you as the buyer and the relevant organizer. Simple Signup itself is not the organizer, but only handles the processing of ticket sales on the behalf of the organizer. Simple Signup is therefore not liable for organizer insolvency or for the failure or quality of an event.

Simple Signup takes no responsibility for any event, its organization or quality. Further, Simple Signup takes no responsibility for any organizer or any information that the organizer provides via Simple Signup. You as buyer are at all times responsible for verification of the identity of the organizer and the correctness of the information that the organizer supplies. If you do not trust the organizer do not make a booking.

Simple Signup is not liable for any damage that are cause to you as the buyer, or to the event organizer, by technical or other failure by Simple Signup to supply the booking service.

Should the English version of these terms deviate from the Swedish language version, only the Swedish version shall apply and be binding.

Conditions for purchase
According to the Swedish consumer law you have no right to cancel a booking for an event. When your booking is paid no cancelation can be made. You are yourself responsible to verify that an event you made a booking for is canceled or moved to a new date. If an event is cancelled we recommend you to contact the organizer immediately. If an event is canceled and the organizer decides to repay you, no service fees are repaid by Simple Signup.
If you chose to pay via invoice you are still legally bound to your booking, independent of if you attend the event or not. A booking with invoice payment is not confirmed before the invoice is paid. The organizer has the right to delete unpaid bookings before the event.                           

Immediately after your booking you will receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an email confirmation. The confirmation contains your unique booking number. This booking number is your proof of booking. Print the confirmation page or write down your booking number and bring to the event. You will NOT receive any physical tickets or confirmation documents.

A booking fee might be added to the price of the booking. All fees are displayed before is made payment.

Information and information handling
In order to handle your booking Simple Signup asks for your name and e-mail. Some organizer require more information in the booking process. Simple Signup collects this information, makes it available for the organizer,  and store it on account of the organizer. Simple Signup do not sell your information to 3:rd parties. Simple Signup do not take any responsibility for how the organizer handles your information.
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you agree that Simple Signup stores your information for the purpose described above.  

Violation of these terms and conditions
If you as a buyer in any way break these Terms and Conditions for purchase Simple signup has the right to delete and remove all bookings you have made via simple Signup. During such circumstances no booking fees will be repaid.