Stockholm Workshop: Accounting for Fractionation in Radiation Therapy – Is It Time to Put the BED to Bed?

Organizer Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute, The National Committee for Radiation Protection Research
Time 2024-09-05 08:302024-09-06 18:00
Location Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Lilla Frescativägen 4A, 114 18 Stockholm, ...

This workshop aims to summarize and review the current knowledge on fractionation in radiotherapy for a wide range of applications and from several crucial points of view. The presentations will cover fractionation in spatio-temporally heterogeneous dose distributions, and dose rates ranging from low-dose-rate brachytherapy to the ultra-high dose rates in FLASH radiotherapy. Furthermore, RBE and fractionation in proton-, ion- and neutron radiotherapy will be covered, as well as fractionation in combination therapies including chemoradiotherapy, immunoradio-therapy and hyperthermia and radiotherapy. Dose accumulation effects will also be addressed with respect to repeated imaging in e.g. adaptive radiotherapy as well as to the risk of second cancer following radiotherapy. This comprehensive approach to broaden the understanding of fractionation in radiotherapy requires close collaboration between researchers in the fields of Radiobiology, Physics and Radiation Oncology. Experts from each field will present their views in an attempt to integrate the different perspectives and come up with new approaches to treatment design with respect to fractionation.

Registration is free of charge and includes coffees, lunches and the conference dinner on September 5.