Webinar on Battery swapping for heavy trucks

Tid 2022-06-01 09:0012:30
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Webinar on Battery swapping for heavy trucks

Register for  June 1, 2022, 09:00-12:30

Battery swapping (BS) has emerged as a  complementary infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. BS enables quick "refueling" by exchanging batteries in 3-5 minutes. It also reduces power peaks in the electric grid, instead enabling energy balancing, energy storage and opens for new business opportunities in electricity trade. Thus, BS creates value from a systemic perspective both to transportation companies and electric grid operators. Further, battery swapping demands significantly less space and infrastructure than a system built completely on parked trucks charging via cord.

In this webinar participants will develop deeper understanding of what BS is and how it works for electric heavy trucks (BEHT) from the key actor’s perspectives, putting battery swapping in large scale operations in China from technology to business model perspectives.

Sweden-China Bridge, a Swedish academic research project, estimate that by 2025 about 25,000 battery stations for passenger vehicles and more than 400 battery swapping stations will be operational in China. Already in 2021 battery swapping became one of the two main charging infrastructure solutions for heavy trucks. In 2021 about 10,500 electric heavy trucks were sold in China and about 50% of those were battery swapping based. For 2022 the sale of BEHT is estimated to be about 25-35.000, where of BS ist estimated around 50%.

During the webinar you will listen to a number of significant Chineese actors who play mayor parts in the electrification, for example electricity production companies, BS system developers and operators, BS based BEHT manufacturers and BEHT operators. During the webinar the audience will have opportunities to discuss with key actors from Sweden and China.

Presentations will also be held by Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) and VTI (The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute).

Hosting the webinar is professor Mike Danilovic, Halmstad University, "Sweden China Bridge Project", Arne Nåbo, VTI, Research leader Electromobility and Per Lindahl, manager at Logistikia.

A zoomlink for participation will be distributed to all registered participants a few days before the webinar.

The webinar is free of charge!