Other-comics pre pride & Helsinki pride workshops

Organizer Heidi Lunabba / Helsinki Pride / Museum of Impossible Forms
Time 2020-08-01 19:002020-09-13 19:00
Location Online and Museum of Impossile forms, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 00940 Helsinki, On...
Other-comics pre pride online workshops
Other-comics Helsinki pride live-workshops

Other-comics workshops

Helsinki Pride, and pre-pride workshops for HBTIQA-people, HBTIQA-POC, HBTIQA-people with disabilities, HBTIQA-
sami people and other minorities within the minority.

There will be online workshops during august and live workshops during Helsinki Pride 7-13.9 2020. Please answer the form or email me so I can organise groups interested in similar viewpoints and set a time that suits the participants.

The workshop is 6 hours long and will be all in a day or split up in 2 or 3 sessions. Photography sessions will be arranged after the workshops for those that want to feature in a comic.

Info about the project and content of workshops in the FB event:

Please enroll ASAP on this form or sending a email to: heidi@lunabba.com