Seminar "State of Mind: The Missing K.P.I." in English

Arrangör Suzanne Lång
Tid 2020-02-14 13:3015:00
Plats Convendum Göteborg City AB, Kungsportsavenyn 21 411 36 Gotheburg, Göteborg
Seminar English
480 kr + Moms

This lecture will introduce you to a fresh, new cutting edge understanding that turns the issues such as stress, confidence and high performance and productivity on its’ head.

It takes a deep dive and goes beyond our psychology.

It goes beyond just helping you cope and manage your thoughts - This talk will literally open you up to the possiblilty that you can change your relationship with your thoughts once and for all.

We all want a clear and stress-free mind.

We’re all looking for it.

Here’s how to get it.