Student Generated Content (SGC) - med Satish Patel

Arrangör Learning Center
Tid 2019-10-29 14:0015:00
Plats HiG - ONLINE via Zoom, webbkonferensverktyg, Online

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Satish Patel, AUE (och Umeå universitet)  inleder och berättar om Student Generated Content (SGC). Sedan följer frågor, diskussion och reflektion samt egna erfarenheter.

Student Gererated Content (SGC)

In most undergraduate programs, the default role of students in the learning process is that of content consumer where they are exposed to material produced by others (tutors, professional developers and publishers). Students are then expected to demonstrate that they have gained understanding of the content in some way: oftentimes a single memory based exam. Student generated content (SGC) promotes a digital learning environment where students are prosumers (Sener 2007); that is, both content producers and consumers, co-creating, collaborating and sharing their work with other students. Meanwhile, the tutor takes on the role of facilitator encouraging students to search for a deeper understanding of the subject matter via discussion & analysis in seminars. For students, a wide range of cognitive disciplines are needed to successfully filter subject reading material and to identify content useful for: presentation to their peers; peer assessment; and course examination. This workshop explains, justifies and exemplifies real life examples of SGC in an experiential workshop format, identifying and shedding light on the following questions:

Ø  How do students experience being generators of content?

Ø  How can tutors best scaffold SGC for a successful outcome?

Ø  How can assessment methods be adjusted to incorporate SGC?

Ø  Do students perform better / or understand the subject matter better as a result of the generation of content?

Ø  How can/do tutors adapt to their new role as facilitator instead of lecturer?

Datum: Tisdag 29/10-2019

Tid: 14:00 - 15:00

Var: ONLINE via Zoom, webbkonferensverktyg


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