Tour d'Extravaganza 2019 Malmö - Cologne

Arrangör Herbalife Team Nordic Cycling
Tid 2019-09-15 08:002019-09-19 14:00
Plats Malmö - Köln
1. Interested cyclist
2. Interested Service crew
3. Application fee all
1200 kr
4. Cyclist fee
4500 kr
5. Service crew fee
3500 kr

This is the site for applying to cycle from Malmö to Cologne with Herbalife Team Nordic and Tour d'Extravaganza 2019

This year will we get back to where we started our own Tour d'Extravagnaza. Cologne was the first city we cycled to as a Nordic team.

We will start the tour with an event in Malmö on Sunday the 15th of September and we will then later in the evening embark the ferry to Travemünde.

Application and acceptance of your place in the Nordic team will be done in several  steps to ensure that everyone takes proper responsibility and are serious about their commitment to join the team.

1. Interested in joining the team as a cyclist.

2. Interested in joining the team as service crew member (will get a discount on 500-1000 SEK on the cyclist fee).

3. Application fee on 1200 SEK shall be paid before 2019-05-17 and is not refundable.

4. Cyclist fee on 4500 SEK shall be paid before 2019-06-28 and is fully refundable Before 2019-07-30. After that date is half the amount refundable until 2019-08-15. Due that date will there not be any refund of booking fee.

5. Service crew fee will be presented when we know the amount of cyclists as they will sponsor the Service crew with 200 SEK each. 

All surplus funds from fees for the Team will be handed over to Herbalife Nutrition Foundation in cooperation with Herbalife Nordic.

Looking forward to have a fully Nordic team of 20-25 persons with us on this cycle route.

Roger Nilsson
+46 727 167541