Get in your best shape with the right food, exercise and supplements

Arrangör Fysisk AB
Plats Different locations, other
Helsingborg 14/8
150 kr
Linköping 15/8
150 kr
Stockholm 16/8
150 kr
Kolding 30/8
150 kr
Gothenburg 22/8
150 kr
Ås, Norway 21/8
188 kr
Sandnes 6/9
150 kr
Helsinki 4/9
150 kr
Växjö 23/8
150 kr

Get in Your Best Shape!

This has been booked on a very short notice so take advantage of it as long as we have seats available on your location!

Learn and get inspired on how you can get in your best shape ever!
Exercise physiologist Ronny Kvist will give you the tools and insights on how you can get in your best shape by following a proven formula not only on how to get in shape but also how to stay in good shape.

Ronny will both teach you but also inspire you what you need to do to get to the level of health you always wanted.

Ronny has been working with coaching people on how to get fit and how to reach optimim health for more than 25 years.

Take this opportunity to learn what it takes and how easy and fast you can reach the level of health and fitness you have always wanted.

Sign up for the location that is best for you. The speech will be in swedish on the swedish locations and/or english in Norway and Denmark.

The exact adress will be announced as soon as we have booked the venue!

19.00 HD Huset, Vasatorpsvägen 1 Helsingborg

19.00 Linköping: Banérgatan 4 A, Linköping

19.00 Stockholm: Tumba Scenen, Utbildniingsvägen 2, Tumba
    Pendeltåg, Tumba 5min promenad. Parkering finns

19.00 Kolding, Parkhallen Fynsvej 49, Danmark

18.00 Ås kulturhus. Skoleveien 1, 1430 Ås , Norge OBS! 18.00

19.00 Gothenburg, Forever Head Office

19.00 Växjö (inväntar besked på exakt adress)

19.00  Sokos Hotel Vantaa Hertaksentie, FInland

19.00  Sandnes, Gamla Vaerket Gästgiveri
St Olavs Gate 38, Sandnes