2023-04-01 Basics of woodworking

Arrangör Daniel Törbacka
Tid 2023-04-01 12:0015:30
Plats Stockholm Makerspace, Stockholm

Eventet stängt för nya bokningar

This is an introduction to the basics of woodworking.
Workshop is held by Daniel Törbacka. 

Language: English, or Swedish depending on the preference of participants, with priority for English.

Price: 300kr.

Starting with 30 minutes of theory in the workshop room, followed by practical work in the wood room.

- Basic course: covers the safety and operation of the woodshop, includes practice on the drill press, belt sander, bandsaw, miter saw and table saw.

The goal is that you try the machines by yourself and get the feeling on how they work. We will not realize a specific project, but you can share your ideas and we can adapt the course accordingly.

No previous knowledge required.

As usual, you are required to be a member of Stockholm Makerspace to participate in our courses. You must also be registered through this registration page on Simplesignup in order to take the course.