Edge Walking Women of the 21st Century

Expedition 3: Embrace your full feminine intelligence in a band of brothers from the European Men's Gathering
125 SEK
Expedition 4: Surrender to the sacred masculine with Eric Lichtman and his brothers
125 SEK

Nordic Women's Gathering is very excited to be offering this new ONLINE series of four different experiences. 

This is for women already walking or who want to walk the edge of the deep mystery of the feminine power. Women who wish to understand themselves better across the spectrum of light and dark. Women who wish to unlock limiting beliefs hidden in our inner conditioning of our society, families and evolution. Women who are yearning to be living and leading in their full potential. 

While our Nordic Woman exploration so far has primarily been around an emerging conversation of the feminine leading; we feel it is time to deepen the understanding of the dance between our inner masculine and inner feminine. 

This series, of what we are calling Four Expeditions, will give you the opportunity to witness yourself through a facilitated experience of different masculine archetypes

Expedition 1: Sense Making from Eros with Nick Shore and his brothers
Thursday 24th March 2022 7-10pm

Expedition 2: Explore the Dark Masculine with Pontus Liljefors 
Thursday 21st April 2022 7-10pm

Expedition 3: Embrace your full feminine intelligence with Paul Robson and a band of brothers from the European Men's Gathering 
Thursday 19th May 2022 7-10pm

Expedition 4: Surrender to the Sacred Masculine with Eric Lichtman and his brothers
Thursday 9th June 2022 7-10pm

How will each expedition work?
Each experience is facilitated through a 3 hour Zoom call from 7pm - 10pm. The agenda with resemble the following;
Landing into the space and checking in.
The workshop.
Journal and circling time

Why now? 
The Nordic Women's Gathering was instigated around the emerging conversation of what it is to lead with the feminine. The last four years we have done this and grown profoundly. 
We have been listening deeply into source since the last gathering and one of the things that is wanting to come forth is our understanding of our feminine in relation to our masculine. Stretching our awareness into this complex dance can expand our strengths and expose our weakness; giving us the opportunity to take our leadership to new dimensions. 

Am I an Edge Walking Woman? 

You are an Edge Walking Woman;
  • If you have already attended one or more of the Nordic Women's Gatherings over the last 4 years.
  • Are ready to step more fully into the unknown to explore and discover the mysteries and power of what it is to be a woman.
  • Are prepared to be awkward and uncomfortable in your new learnings. 

This series is only available for women who have attended one or more Nordic Women's Gathering over the last four years. 
Why? - It is important that one has already awoken the feminine within and has done some significant boundary setting work, understand what it is to take full responsibility for oneself. 

For more information contact nix@nixdavies.com