Practice Group

Organizer Pamela von Sabljar & Ana Milbo
Time 2021-09-23 19:002022-06-16 21:30
Tier 1: 15 000 SEK / 1 480 €
15000 SEK
Tier 2: 17 500 SEK / 1 727 €
17500 SEK
Tier 3: 22 000 SEK / 2 171 €
22000 SEK

We so excited to share with you, we have felt a pull to create a one year practice group for experienced facilitators already initiated in the Next Level Facilitation or taking our course. We will offer a community of practice, that meets every month, with opportunity to self host more often. 

12 Sessions of 2,5 hour length, on Thursdays, where questions, challenges and practice can happen. Also with the possibility to request for extending the session for personal feedback - a special request to be mirrored in a challenge they might be facing. The sessions will be facilitated by both of us, Pamela and Ana and at times only one of us.  

Together with a Partner In Crime structure for the ones interested, to get even more out of the community. As well the Trello board which will be building on with even more content and articles. 

In addition, and something new - we will offer Wisdom Talks. Four times through out the year we will bring in a leading person in the field who desires to share their perspective on facilitation and emergence. Sessions of 30-60 min placed around Brunch or Lunch time on a Thursday. Where there will as well be space for a Q&A. Dates to be confirmed. 

Taking part in the One Year Practice Group, means that you will also be offered a discounted price on our one-on-one sessions and packages.  

DATES 2021 - THURSDAYS - 19-21:30 CET 

23rd September - Week 38
14th October  - Week 41
18th November - Week 46 
16th December - Week 50 

DATES 2022 THURSDAYS - 19-21:30 CET 
27th January - Week 4 
24th February - Week 8 
24th March - Week 8 
21st April - Week 16 
19th May - Week 20
16th June - Week 24 

The group will be opened for new comers twice a year, so the community will change its size along the way.


As you are our first group and to honour that you so early trusted in our offer, we would like to gift you with a prototype price for this practice group of one full year: 

Prices are there for you to depending on your possibilities. We wish to honour the first movers who build the energy of the community. At the same time, if you have the opportunity, we would like to invite you to leave the lower tier pricing for the ones who least can afford it.