Diving into dying to honor Life

Organizer Mahima
Time 2020-11-09 18:302020-12-21 19:00
Location Online - where You are, Online
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Diving into dying to honor Life 

Death - a scary avoided confrontation for many.

We plan for so many things, many things that never happens… 

Dying is the inevitable experience - how do we want to meet it? 

I have a close relationship with death, I have been on the other side and experienced the death of this body in my early teens and have close connections with family on the other side of the veil.

Death is very prominent in my ”maps” for this life (horoscope, mayan calendar sign, gene keys etc..) and a strong part of my life purpose is to be a guide assisting transitions into deep mediation, sleep, birth, death. 

Following my inner guidance led my to dive deep into the Elements in many ways - for example guiding Sweatlodges since 2001 and now I have this calling from within to guide a 7 weeks online exploration for a group that feels it´s now time to ”die to live”. 

The setup is:

1 zoom call every week for 1.5 hours. Held in a Sacred way. 

1st call I share around my death experience and everybody gets a chance to share around their current relationship to death.

2nd - 6th call we´re inviting to meet death in all the elements and directions. One call for each element to cleans, transform and open up.

Earth - our Body

Water - our emotions

Wind - our mind and thoughts

Fire - our inner drive and power 

Space/Ether - our Spirit 

7th call - an ending in reverence - clearer in living freely and wiser in how You want to meet Death in a honorable way when it´s Your time.

Maximun 12 places.

Start 9th of November and then every Monday until 21st of December on winter Solstice.

We will have the privilege to also have 2 Newmoons days during our Journey.

Online - You will get a link to the platform after registration

6.30 - 8 pm Europe 

9.30 - 11 am California 

12.30 - 2 pm New York 


111 USD per person 

1111 SEK per person 

Welcome to a transformational experience - Die to Live!