Masterclass - Humanising Branding in the Digital Era

Arrangör Internet i fokus - Grafiska Akademin
Tid 2020-06-08 10:0012:00
Plats Grafiska Akademin, hos Qucik Office, Östra Varvsgatan 4, Malmö
10 kr + Moms

The most important factor of the digital era is not understanding technology! But, instead the importance is on understanding people!

During this Masterclass Andy Stalman and Lisa Remnelid will be focusing on the humanistic side of branding which is what us humans are craving for.

Totem Branding will share with you the secrets behind adopting a holistic approach with your branding strategy taking into consideration key elements such as emotions, senses, behaviours to create engagement and build trust, whilst establishing relationships with the brand. In the future, totems will replace brands and believers will replace the traditional customers.

Masterclass instructor: Andy Stalman & Lisa Remnelid

Andy is one of the world’s leading branding experts. With more than 25 years of experience, he has developed projects in over 20 countries. His talent and charisma has led to Andy to become known as ‘Mr. Branding’. Read more >>

Lisa has 25 years on an international level with a focus on concept and strategy development, leadership training, customer focus strategies and how to work in the 21st Century with the main essence of mankind – humanising what we do and getting the best out of it! Read more >>