Nordic Women's Gathering

Organizer Nordic Women's Gathering
Time 2020-09-17 15:002020-09-20 16:00
Location Skeppsudden, Stockholm
Normal Price
5500 SEK
Fully booked
Under 30 years or over 65 years old - Normal Price
4800 SEK
Fully booked
Under 21 years in the company of someone over 21 years
2690 SEK

We are ready to embody a womanhood that merges ancient wisdom with our current day reality, one that honours the duality of life; darkness and light dancing, chaos and order, feminine and masculine. A radiant womanhood that can heal, awaken and unite to bring forth a better future for ourselves and the world.

Through sisterhood we will support each other to reach our highest potential, supporting men to reach theirs, so that we can lift each other up in compassion, love and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.

Rather than seeing ourselves as oppressed in the patriarchy, we are stepping into the Matriarchy that will, in union with the Patriarchy, form a Humanarchy, laying the foundations for a future we can believe in.