Plant genomics

Organizer Euroscicon
Time 2018-06-20 09:00
Location Hotel Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia, Via Aurelia, Km 8.400 00165 Rome, Italy , ...
Plant genomics

ThemePrecise Gene Editing in Plants

Plant Genomics invites all the participants from all over the world to
attend “4th Global Summit on Plant Genomics” during Jun
20-21, 2018
 at Rome, Italy which includes prompt
Keynote presentations, Oral talks (Speaker forum and Young research forum),
Poster presentations, Workshops and Exhibitions.

Plant Genomics 2018 is a global overview the Theme: "Precise
Gene Editing in Plants
" which brings together persons particularly
interested in the genome of Plant Science and Agriculture Science, both
raw and finished; to foster programs of general papers and symposia on special
topics dealing with this field of genomics; to promote such other activities as
will stimulate activity in and emphasize the importance of research
in genome and gene editing. Our conference provides quality, timely
Symposium at International Conference on Plant Genomics.


Develop focused and timely programs, products and services that engage
those involved in Plant Science and Plant Genome, Agriculture Science and
related fields. Enhance communication and market our programs, products, and
services more effectively. Expand global impact by developing the
infrastructure to deliver technical programming for targeted international

About Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy located in the central western
position of Italian peninsula along the shores of the river Tiber. It is the
fourth most populous city in the European Union. It is a famous tourist
location and is the 13th most visited city in the world. Italy is
known for its renowned cuisines. It gives us immense pleasure to organize
an International Conference on Plant Genomics in the land of cuisines.
They focused on the quality of Plant Genetic Engineering and GM crops. Plant
Genes, Plant breeding methods and GM Crops are their major tools. The famous
“Genomics Research Centre” in Italy. Plant Genomes and through careful analysis
this will lead to extraordinary biological breakthroughs, particularly in
comparative genomics, genomic evolution and knowledge regarding gene expression
and function. The conference will provide a vast idea about Plant Genomics and
gene editing technologies. This valuable information will be shared by Genome
editors, Expertise in Plant Genomics, Plant scientists, Plant Gene Editing for
the Consumer, Plant breeders, Research Scholars, Professors, Industrialist, and

Opportunities for
Conference Attendees

For Researchers

Presentations, Poster Display, Symposium hosting, Workshop organizing

For Universities,
Associations & Societies:

Partnering, Collaboration proposals, Academic Partnering, Group Participation

For Students &
Research Scholars:

Poster Competition
(Winner will get Best Poster Award), Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the
best presenter), Student Attendee, Group registrations

For Business

Presentations, Symposium hosting, Book Launch event, Networking opportunities, Audience

For Companies:

Exhibitor and
Vendor booths, Sponsorships opportunities, Product launch, Workshop organizing,
Scientific Partnering, Marketing and Networking with clients


and Biotechnology, Plant
Genome Engineering
: Strategies and Developments, Plant
Functional Genomics,
Plant Genetics and Epigenetics, Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Plant Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Proteomics,
Genetically Modified Organism,
Plant Pathology, Genome Sequencing, Entrepreneur Investment Meet, Molecular Breeding, Plant Synthetic Biology and Plant Transcriptome, Cell and Molecular Sciences, Rice Genomics, Agriculture Science

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